Fine needle aspiration of the breast (FNA)

What is a fine needle aspiration of the breast? 

It is a way of taking fluid or a few cells, so that they can be examined under a microscope.
Occasionally, there may be some bleeding inside the breast and a bruise or swelling (haematoma) will form which may be uncomfortable for a day or two
If you are taking tablets to thin the blood (anticoagulants) you should tell the doctor.
If the lump/ area of interest is visible on ultrasound scan, the scan is used to guide the needle to the correct area. The needle is moved up and down and suction is applied with the syringe on the end of the needle to draw up fluid and cells. The needle is removed, and the material placed on to a microscope slide.
You might feel some stinging or a stabbing pain while it is being done, but this does not last. Most women tolerate it very well.